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Board Introduction
Every one of the UK’s most successful and profitable businesses hold regular board meetings and discuss strategy.

Large multi-nationals have separate individuals to drive forward the different components of the business e.g. finance, sales and marketing, operations, HR. They may also have non-executive directors who have been appointed to lend their considerable experience to the development of the business.

Many SMEs may feel they are not large enough to justify so many full time appointments. Many do not feel the need for senior staff to meet regularly.

It is our experience that when such businesses start to hold regular meetings, they start to think and act like bigger businesses.

It is possible for the smaller business to benefit from this approach. At DBFM we provide fully flexible support to Boards.

services include:
• Part-time finance director role
• Non-executive director
• Chairman
• Minute-taker
• Technical adviser
• Facilitator for brain-storming sessions

benefits include:
• Cost effective high level support
• Access to strategic planning tools and processes
• Independent, external review
• Concentration on key issues
• Disciplined process that focuses on action plans