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Groth and Profit
we are 'facilitators' not 'consultants'
DBFM firmly believes the key to success in business is in the 'implementation'. We specialise in turning strategies into action and that is why our clients choose us to deliver them innovative business and personal solutions.

growth and profit solutions
DBFM is focused on the delivery of Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) for our clients. We work with you in much the same way as a GPS system in your car would by mapping out where you are NOW, WHERE you want to be and then a clear strategy of HOW you will reach your destination. We will then support you along your journey so that if you start to head in the wrong direction we will bring you back on track.

complete our growth and profit diagnostic
20% of the issues in your business are causing 80% of your problems. 80% of your growth and profit will also come from 20% of your clients. What this means is that you really need to focus on what are the STRATEGIC issues in your business. What are the 20% of issues that if addressed will have a dramatic impact on increasing your growth and profit.

DBFM, through its membership of Mindshop, have developed a 'Growth and Profit' Diagnostic which within 15-20 minutes will work you through a process of drawing out what your key issues are and will also determine the 'positive financial impact' of resolving each issue.

Why not try it and if you find it useful contact Douglas Brotherston to see how this diagnostic can be used to develop the strategy in your business.

how we can help you
• Increasing your sales and profitability
• Developing and implementing a strategic plan to take your business forward
• Getting clarity to the vision for the business
• Creating successful project teams
• Executive mentoring and coaching
• Reducing 'expenses' / waste within your business
• Achieving better Life Balance
• Developing an effective product strategy
• Continuous Improvement of internal processes