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Thought about needing a Finance Director? Should they be full-time or part-time? Matt Thomas explores why more and more businesses are turning to part-time finance directors to drive the business forward.

Use link above to read more of the article published recently in Growing Business.

gps diagnostic
This Excel spreadsheet is designed to give you a clearer picture of key problem areas in relation your business’s growth, profit and personal life balance.

decision matrix
The purpose of the Decision Matrix is to pass the decision making process through a selection filter and reduce the subjectivity in decision making. When decisions are made it is rare that the factors that influence these decisions are weighted equally. The Decision Matrix also allows a group of people to identify, agree on, weight and importantly, take ownership of, a set of factors that are seen by all as influencing that decision.

what if
The What If Diagnostic Excel document contains the information to help you grow sales and improve profit. The first step is to answer the questions within the document using the -5 to +5 scale.

business diagnostic
Like the 'What If' Diagnostic, the Business Diagnostic Excel document contains 25 questions which, with a high degree of accuracy will determine the key issues within a business. For example, using the scale of -5 to +5 you are asked to estimate how your company is performing in the level of customer satisfaction, your knowledge on your products and your product costs. This version also has the 'multiple' option built in.

The Excel document then analyses the data and let you know how you are going on your key strategies and performance and raises any issues which need to be addressed.

life balance
Use the Diagnostic to identify key areas where you can improve your own Life Balance. Find out about the Mindshop videos to get a greater understanding of the tools you can use to address Life Balance issues.

waste audit
Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in a business. To eliminate waste it is therefore important to understand exactly what waste is, and where it can be found. Toyota, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, after years of work to remove waste, identified seven areas where waste was most prominent.

Use this tool to identify 3 wastes in each of the 7 areas then identify the cost, ease of removal to end up with your 3 key wastes to work on first.

For each issue there is a Mindshop Solution CD which contain the relevant tools necessary to fix the problem.The Mindshop Solutions CD's will provide you with the answers to these issues. Contact Douglas Brotherston for further details.

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